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Ministerstvo zahraničných vecí a európskych záležitostí Slovenskej republiky

IČO 00699021

Relatively small fraction of purchases is spent according to law. Buyer does not support competition by using e-auctions, lots or extended deadlines.

Bidder participation

Is the level of competition satisfactory?   detailed info 

average 51%

Winner concentration

Isn't majority of contracts awarded to small circle of firms?   detailed info 

average 90%
Largest suppliers Contracts count Contracts volume EUR
AVERS, spol. s r. o.
1 6,300,852
MICROCOMP - Computersystém s r. o.
6 2,489,182
TooNet, s. r. o.
30 910,374
ALISON Slovakia s.r.o.
6 450,070
DOXX - Stravné lístky, spol. s r.o.
4 379,554
Other suppliers 382 14,609,323

Pro-competitive tools

Does the buyer foster the competition by using the available tools?   detailed info 

average 53%
Tool Contracts count
Extended deadlines 0% (0 from 15)
Nonprice competition 0% (0 from 23)
Division into lots 13% (3 from 23)
E-auction 43% (10 from 23)
Innovative procedure 0% (0 from 23)

Public procurement share on total purchases

What fraction of purchases was made under procurement law?   detailed info 

average 54%
Purchases Volume (EUR)
Public procurement 16,687,571
Small scale tenders 1,267,288
Unregulated purchases 294,538,019
Total 312,492,878

Competitive contracting

How often does buyer use non-competitive procedures?   detailed info 

average 96%
Reason for negotiated procedure without publication
Original contract (EUR) Contract modification / NPWP (EUR)
Rozšírenie a komplexná podpora IS Doklady
Additional works
- Not disclosed

Consistent conduct

Does buyer discourage bidders by frequent competition cancellations or modifications?   detailed info 

average 53%
Type of flaw Result
Issued tenders without published result 5%
Cancelled contracts 32%
Average requirements modifications count 0.50
Average decision length 93.69 days